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If you're unable to find a driving package that's perfect for you, give us a call

We can work with you to create a personalized driving package that suits your unique requirements.

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Gold Package

We offer a comprehensive driving package (gold package) that is a Ministry of Transportation-approved Beginners Driver Education course that is designed to give you the fundamental skills you need to become a safe and responsible driver. 


Priced at just $870, this package includes 20 hours of online coursework and 10 hours of homework to help you practice and reinforce the skills you've learned in the online course. Our in-car portion of the package includes 10 hours of driving time, which covers a range of topics, from parking and city driving to highway and rural driving. You'll learn how to navigate different types of roads and traffic situations, and receive feedback and guidance on how to improve your driving skills and techniques.

This package includes the car on the day of your G2 and G test. You will receive an extra hour of instruction on both days before you take your test so you can be confident and well-prepared.

At Grand River Driving School, we believe that taking the stress out of test day is an important part of helping you become a safe and confident driver for life.

What it Includes

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20 hours of self-paced online learning 

10 hours of independent coursework

10 hours of private in-car learning

City & Highway Test (G2/G)

Use of car on both days & 1-hour of practice before your test  

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Important Information

Once payment has been received, we will promptly send you the link to begin your online portion of the driver course. You can expect to receive this link on the same day that partial or full payment is made.

At Grand River Driving School, we strive to provide a seamless and efficient enrollment process for our students. 

Once you have completed the online portion of the course you will be contacted by your instructor to complete your 10 hours of in-car learning.

Payment plans & options available

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